Of Roaches and Roses

Valentine's Day

You can’t walk by a single store without some grotesque pink and red tribute to the vilest holiday ever to be spewed from the festering underbelly of hell. Worse yet, you get to see happy couples frolicking about blissfully unaware that they are making people ill with their toxic cuteness. I’m sure that’s what people must feel when they see Bill with his whore. God knows, it makes me want to retch every time.

Like me, Bill was never big on holidays. I never received so much as a card on Valentine’s Day. Not that it bothered me, mind you. We had plenty of ways of expressing our love without overpriced flowers, crappy chocolates oozing with unidentifiable fillings, and sappy Hallmark cards. Love doesn’t come from a store. All that mattered was that we were happy. Or at least I thought we were.
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Computer Woes – Ten Word Story

Sorry that I haven’t been around.
My computer committed suicide. 

Blue Screen of Death.

It’s true. A few days ago I was getting ready for bed and it decided to off itself. It left me a note of sorts (the blue screen of death) and I got the message loud and clear: Time to get a new machine!

Well, if I weren’t broke and currently jobless that’s what I would have done. Instead, I am forced to work on an ancient temperamental laptop that likes to reboot itself and freeze up whenever it feels like it. So, please forgive me if I am not around as much until I get this all sorted.

Do you have a woeful (or happy) tale about your computer that you can tell in 10 words or less? If so, let me hear it! Feel free to add it to your own blog and throw up a link back to here or drop it in the comments section.

Soulmates – Ten Word Story

She gently kissed his cold, blue lips one last time.

I dare you to watch this video and not get choked up.

Some people have a special connection between them that few others can hope to achieve. That amazing kind of connection that keeps their bond strong and fresh well into old age. I openly admit that I have always been a tad jealous of such people. I am sure they have their ups and down like everyone else but it must be very nice to have someone around who knows you inside and out (that doesn’t run away screaming).

Do you believe in soul mates? Have a story to share about them? Can you tell it in ten words or less? If so, add it to the comment section or throw it up on your own blog with a link. I want to see what people come up with on this subject. It’s one of my favorites.

The Housewife

Her house may be immaculate
but her mind is a dreadful mess,
from the overflowing dustpan
of emotions she must suppress.

The linen is neatly folded
and then tucked quickly out of sight,
much like all the intruding thoughts
keeping her up every night.

The dreams she once cherished
are circling around the drain.
How often can one spill regret
before it becomes a vast stain?

No amount of ruthless scrubbing
can scour away all her fears.
Her future is slowly sinking
in a tub of dishwater tears.

Unattainable Dreams

I’m just a bird with splintered wings, forever denied flight.

All of us known what it’s like to have lost a dream or three. If all my dreams had come true, I would totally be a princess-teacher-artist-ballerina right now. Can you describe the loss of a dream in ten words or less? If so, I want to see it in the comment section!