Running Away

Little girl
The treasured dreams of my youth
rapidly grow old and stale.
I cling to frayed threads of hope
that somehow I will prevail.

As I exhaust all possibilities
I’m unwillingly made to face
that lies are my only lifeline,
in this harsh, unfeeling place.

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The Housewife

Her house may be immaculate
but her mind is a dreadful mess,
from the overflowing dustpan
of emotions she must suppress.

The linen is neatly folded
and then tucked quickly out of sight,
much like all the intruding thoughts
keeping her up every night.

The dreams she once cherished
are circling around the drain.
How often can one spill regret
before it becomes a vast stain?

No amount of ruthless scrubbing
can scour away all her fears.
Her future is slowly sinking
in a tub of dishwater tears.

Unattainable Dreams

I’m just a bird with splintered wings, forever denied flight.

All of us known what it’s like to have lost a dream or three. If all my dreams had come true, I would totally be a princess-teacher-artist-ballerina right now. Can you describe the loss of a dream in ten words or less? If so, I want to see it in the comment section!