Of Roaches and Roses

Valentine's Day

You can’t walk by a single store without some grotesque pink and red tribute to the vilest holiday ever to be spewed from the festering underbelly of hell. Worse yet, you get to see happy couples frolicking about blissfully unaware that they are making people ill with their toxic cuteness. I’m sure that’s what people must feel when they see Bill with his whore. God knows, it makes me want to retch every time.

Like me, Bill was never big on holidays. I never received so much as a card on Valentine’s Day. Not that it bothered me, mind you. We had plenty of ways of expressing our love without overpriced flowers, crappy chocolates oozing with unidentifiable fillings, and sappy Hallmark cards. Love doesn’t come from a store. All that mattered was that we were happy. Or at least I thought we were.
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The Pale Mistress

You granted your callous mistress the right to infiltrate our lives. My childhood memories are defiled by her meddlesome intrusion. You became her marionette, her absurd little dancing fool. I watched you; a once proud, mountain of a man, reduced to a lowly pebble.

We were never enough.

You gave all you possessed in life to appease her constant hunger. We were merely afforded the scraps she left of your love, attention, and time. I can remember the contempt my mother endured every day for what you deemed an unforgivable sin: She chose to keep fighting for you.

You didn’t just defeat her once, that would have been too merciful. You subdued her inner essence, strangling it into submission. I witnessed my mother dwindle into a thin, crumbling husk while you roamed in blissful freedom, never facing the aftermath.

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The Fire Ritual

The demon resides within but I still retain my soul. Fire will purify my flesh down to the bone. Death will release me. The pilot is on. All I need is a match.  

Lighting a match. Français : Une allumette enf...

Over at trifectawritingchallenge.com they are holding a neat writing challenge this weekend. They are looking for compelling 33 word stories about expelling demons. Are you up for the challenge? Then hop over to the blog above before the entry period closes!



“Please trust me,” She said. Seconds later, he was dead.


Betrayal is a pretty universal experience. Human beings often attempt to look for the good in others. Unfortunately, the goodness they find does not always coincide with reality. Can you create your own depiction of the act of betrayal in ten words or less? I bet you could. Don’t be shy, share it with the rest of us in the comments section!