My Life As A Child – Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompt asks: “Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?”

There is so much I could say about my childhood but I don’t want this turning into a novel. I think the strangest thing about my childhood is that I don’t remember all that much about it. I do have some memories but most of them are from the time I hit ten or so. I’ve had psychiatrists tell me this may be due to trauma. It is a possibility. Most of my earliest memories are disturbing to me.

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Arising from the Ashes

Terrified of awakening her husband, Jamie lay rigidly at the edge of the bed. She kept peering at the clock through her swollen eye. Tomorrow she would finally break free or die trying.

woman on bed

I wrote this little 33 word fiction for the Trifecta Writing Challenge. This weekend they are looking for 33 word stories or poems about a new beginning. Do you have what it takes to try the challenge? 


Words penetrate my defenses,
my vulnerabilities stark naked.
Frozen in fear; like a child
awkwardly awaiting punishment,
for offenses beyond my control.

I search your eyes for mercy,
and find an icy blue tundra.
No compassion could grow here,
only the weeds of disdain.

Mortal wounds can be words,
and memories can be parasites.
You struck a fatal blow to my ego,
without ever raising your hand.

Victorious, you loom before me.
Your feigned concern mocking my pain,
and face contorted with rapture.
So, who is the ugly one now?