ManEater – Ten Word Story

He timidly offered her his heart. She swallowed it whole.

Man Eater

Some people seem so lovely that we may forget to keep our guard up around them. Many people aren’t actively seeking to exploit us in that situation, thank goodness. The problem is that some of them are. They look at us and see an object to use, abuse, and throw away at their discretion. Those who have never been sucked into their ‘game’ are lucky. I’ve seen people’s lives ruined over trusting those types of conniving vultures.

Have you ever been victimized by such a heartless person? Do you have a story to tell about it? Can you say it in ten words or less? If so, share with me in the comment section!


Pretty – Ten Word Story

Rose felt pretty dressed up until someone oinked at her.


I’m going to share a little, embarrassing tidbit with you. Past cyber stalking events aren’t the only reason I won’t show my face on this blog. While it is true that I came to terms with myself¬† long ago, I’ve never felt pretty a single day in my adult life. I feel like putting my picture up would do nothing other than invite abusive comments from trolls. I don’t see a reason to put that bulls eye on my forehead.

Do you have a story to share about something or someone pretty? Can you write it in ten words? If so, please include it in the comments section for everyone to enjoy!

Troll – Ten Word Story

Some trolls live under bridges and others in mommy’s basement.

This guy’s video sums up how I view internet trolls. It’s actually a pretty interesting subject if you are into psychology at all. Fast forward 45 seconds in to see the start of that subject.

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Ridicule – Ten Word Story

Call me stupid again and I’ll slice out your tongue.

Angry cat is angry

I’ve never been one to take ridicule very well.¬† However, it’s not that the words themselves bother me like they used to back when I was a child. I no longer have such thin skin. What irks me is the audacity that people have to think they can treat people so contemptuously and not even give a second thought to how their words might affect someone.

How do you handle ridicule? Does it make you upset or does it all just kinda roll right off your back? Can you tell me your story about ridicule in ten words or less? I know you can! Be sure to tell me all about it in the comments section.


Today on the daily prompt they ask: Read the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley. Is what Dudley did defensible?

Sketch of English bark Mignonette by Tom Dudle...

What would you have done?
When it comes to the ethics of cannibalism I must admit, I am hardly a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. Yet, I believe eating a person who does not give you consent to do so is most likely a breach of ethics. It’s my understanding that ethics and morals are codes of conduct that help individuals to coexist within a group dynamic. However, how useful would such a directive be if the entire group were to be wiped out as a result of it?

I believe ethics sometimes need to be tempered with practicality. I think if I were in the position those men were I’d also see the futility of letting a dying man flounder in limbo as we all slowly die of thirst and hunger. If that makes me a heartless person, so be it. At least I am an honest, heartless person.