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Running Away

Little girl
The treasured dreams of my youth
rapidly grow old and stale.
I cling to frayed threads of hope
that somehow I will prevail.

As I exhaust all possibilities
I’m unwillingly made to face
that lies are my only lifeline,
in this harsh, unfeeling place.

Wrapped in cozy delusions
I was sheltered from the pain.
Now that they are threadbare
what is left to keep me sane?

I just want to keep on running
from the truths invading my head.
Denial is a cherished friend
when your ‘happy ending’ is dead.

Girl Running Away

This poem is for this week’s new Trifecta challenge. The challenge this week calls for a story or poem between 33 and 333 words in length. It also must feature the word: Exhaust. Not just any definition of the word exhaust will be excepted though, only the third one which is to consider a subject completely or try out every number of something. If you are interested in trying out the challenge, the link above will take you there!


20 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. I really like this. I was so drawn in from the start that I didn’t notice the prompt word. I went back to look for it only to find it at the beginning. It’s sad, but nicely written, and quite moving.

  2. Painful. I’d like to hope that the happy ending being dead is a delusion too, and that there’ll be a turn for the better down the road.

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