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ManEater – Ten Word Story

He timidly offered her his heart. She swallowed it whole.

Man Eater

Some people seem so lovely that we may forget to keep our guard up around them. Many people aren’t actively seeking to exploit us in that situation, thank goodness. The problem is that some of them are. They look at us and see an object to use, abuse, and throw away at their discretion. Those who have never been sucked into their ‘game’ are lucky. I’ve seen people’s lives ruined over trusting those types of conniving vultures.

Have you ever been victimized by such a heartless person? Do you have a story to tell about it? Can you say it in ten words or less? If so, share with me in the comment section!


17 thoughts on “ManEater – Ten Word Story

      • Thanks. The second-worst part of it all (worst being, y’know, undergoing it myself in the first place) really was watching the guys after me (yes, plural) who kept falling into the same trap. And I was in the worst possible position to warn them — after all, who’s gonna take advice from the ex? I was more helpless than the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

      • I have found that these women are so good at playing these dudes that it often does matter who is warning them. She finds ways to take the victim role. Makes me wanna puke just thinking about it.

    • β€œWhat would you like?”
      β€œI’d like this.”
      β€œNo you don’t”

      Guy ever did that to me and it would certainly raise plenty of red flags. Thanks for the awesome story! πŸ™‚

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