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Flirting Fail

Lustful daydreams consume me...

artwork by Joseph Lorusso

What an exquisite creature!
My brain; once quite useful,
now just quivering jelly.
How is it even possible
to forget how to converse?
Numerous witty remarks
remain dormant on my tongue.

Your sensual siren song
is interwoven seamlessly
into every utterance.
So transfixed on your lips
words fade into nothingness.
Lustful thoughts rapidly consume me;
dream kisses of sweet ambrosia.

Words pierce the foggy veil.
At last; reality descends,
I abruptly fall to Earth.
Crimson spreads across my face
as I meet your puzzled gaze.
I have no answer to give,
I never heard a word you said.

Unfiltered thoughts fly freely,
flowing from my awkward lips.
I can’t stop spluttering apologies
like a hopeless simpleton.
Oh, how I wish I could implode
or uncover an escape hatch.

Such ludicrous irony:
It was a total nightmare
to meet the man of my dreams.

All hail the bumbling queen of smooth! This poem of pure awkwardness was written for the latest Magpie Tales picture prompt (as shown above.)


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