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Pretty – Ten Word Story

Rose felt pretty dressed up until someone oinked at her.


I’m going to share a little, embarrassing tidbit with you. Past cyber stalking events aren’t the only reason I won’t show my face on this blog. While it is true that I came to terms with myself  long ago, I’ve never felt pretty a single day in my adult life. I feel like putting my picture up would do nothing other than invite abusive comments from trolls. I don’t see a reason to put that bulls eye on my forehead.

Do you have a story to share about something or someone pretty? Can you write it in ten words? If so, please include it in the comments section for everyone to enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Pretty – Ten Word Story

    • Because, no matter if we invite it or not, women are judged (quite harshly) by their looks. These judgements do not exist in a vacuum. Our thoughts inform our actions and as such, it is likely to affect us in some manner, even if it’s not overtly known to us.

      I do not think it is right. I hate the idea of having a chunk of my worth as a human being measured by what I look like. It’s appalling but unfortunately, it’s how things are.

    • “Beauty is on the inside.” IMO, there is an internal and external beauty. The two are completely seperate entities, of course. “Who care’s what you look like if you have a good heart.” Lots of folks, from the guy interviewing you for a job to potential mates… Your looks can open or close doors for you. I hate it but I gain nothing by pretending it isn’t so.

  1. 1. Pretty women can suffer just the same over the Internet.
    2. Stalkers can hurt all sorts of people, beautiful or not.
    3. “Pretty” is in the balance between mind, body and soul.

    • 3 ten word stories. Niiiiice. You have outdone yourself. I agree that pretty women have their own issues on the internet. It’s just a tad bit different than that of the ugly chick. The pretty chick is oversexualized by trolls whereas the ugly chick is lambasted for not being more visually pleasing to the troll. Bah, I hate trolls. 😦

      “Stalkers can hurt all sorts of people, beautiful or not.” Yeah, I doubt you’d get any disagreement with anyone on that. Stalkers can harm those they obsess over, no matter who they are fixated on.

      “Pretty” is in the balance between mind, body and soul. Meh. I don’t believe in souls per say but I think that truly beautiful people are beautiful inside and out.

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