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Troll – Ten Word Story

Some trolls live under bridges and others in mommy’s basement.

This guy’s video sums up how I view internet trolls. It’s actually a pretty interesting subject if you are into psychology at all. Fast forward 45 seconds in to see the start of that subject.

I’ve been online since before there was such a thing as AOL and I’ve dealt with my fair share of trolls. It’s amazing how much effort some people are willing to put into making themselves as despised as possible. With teens you can kind of look at it and go, “Meh. They’ll grow out of it sooner or later” and think little more about it. When you find adults in their 40s and 50s engaging in this behavior you can’t help but wonder how this person became so damn impotent as to have to resort to that. I can’t begin to imagine where one’s head would need to be in order to validate the harassment of complete strangers on the internet in a feeble attempt to feel powerful. It’s just all so unbelievably pitiful.

Do you have any interesting stories about trolling? Can you tell it in ten words or less? Even if you can’t, let me know your craziest experience with internet trolls in the comments section.


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