Hey guys. Do you love dragons? I do, hence my awesome dragon tattoo that I sport on my arm. Anyone up for a writing contest, dragon style? You know you want to enter.

Legendary Post


Legends Undying Writing Contest – Dragon Theme

HearYe 2Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Come February 7th – February 17th, there shall be A Legends Undying Writing Contest, with the Theme Being ‘Dragons‘!

What’s Known So Far;

1) Writing Contest Shall Begin February 7th, and Run Through February 17th

2) The Theme of Submissions is Dragons

3) The Maximum Length of the Piece, is 1,200 Words.

4) The Judges are yet to be determined, but shall include me, and none of the Judges are allowed to Enter The Contest

5) All Entries Will Be Posted On The Site, During the February 7th-17th Period

6) There shall be Awards Given in Several Categories, including A) Most Imaginative B) Most Magical C) Most Scary. There shall also be a Reader’s Choice Award.*

*Keep in mind, Entries do not need to be Scary

7) Judges shall Vote on Pieces From February 18th-21st


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