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The Escape – Friday Fictioneers

If he knew Elle, she would crumple up the postcard of the tropical paradise and throw it on the ground in disgust. Still, she hadn’t heard a word from him since shortly after they learned of her condition. He’d mail it today. He could reconcile her constant blood cravings at all hours and the strange desires which crept into their bedroom. The thing that drove him to run were her volatile mood swings. He was immortal but pregnancy hormones were dangerous. He’d send for her after she calmed down. He figured it should only take a century or two, tops.


Copyright-Renee Homan Heath

This 100 word story was written for the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt (as seen above). Do you think you could create a 100 word work of fiction that depicts that breathtaking photo above? If so, join in! Everyone is welcome to give it a shot.


79 thoughts on “The Escape – Friday Fictioneers

  1. A pregnant vampire? Your vampires are different. I like it. Interesting twist on a classic trope. Would like to read more of this type, hopefully the archives will have some for me 🙂

    • In my mind vampires would be a more biologically similar to human beings than they are normally written. They would be a product of a virus that is transferred via blood/saliva. No other vampire stuff up yet, sorry 😦

      • Good idea. Oblivion, one of my favorite fantasy RPGs, has a version of this: porphyrric hemophilia. Vampire STD, anyone?
        As for vampire stuff, I could take or leave. I just like the *good* stuff. Ann Rice, in my opinion, will always Reign in Blood. Her works sit on a speculative fiction pedestal on my bookcase.

    • I agree that Anne Rice vampires were awesome. If only she didn’t take that ridiculous turn to religious extremism and denounce her works (never denounced those checks she got from them though, I am sure). My favorite vampire of all time is Lestat.

      • Yeah. Author breakdown is a terrible thing. Sometimes, your muses turn to demons, and it’s just unbearable. Shame.
        We share a common favorite, in Lestat. A very human vampire, that examines just what that humanity is.

    • Two that the very most, mind you. She’s not that temperamental that she wouldn’t come around within a couple hundred years but then again given the nature of their relationship, he’ll be lucky if she doesn’t track him down and beat the tar out of him long before then 😉

  2. Nice story. I like the vampire twist. But, then I love vampires, well except Twilight. 😉 Like you I think Ann Rice will rule the Vampires, before she turned weird.

    • It’s tragic to see a talented writer implode like Anne did. Also, while I love her novels I have no respect for her as a writer because she turned on her fans. I can’t believe how after her religious changes she started aggressively suing teenagers for fan fics and other nonsense. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      I hate twilight with an intensity that would burn out a thousand suns.

  3. Dang! A century or two. You know, you say vampire, but when I read this something along the lines of Lasher popped in my mind. 😉 Love this stuff. I love you take on vampires as well. I’ve been working out two different strings of vamps for a series I will pen farther down the road.

  4. It’s nice that they have so long to figure these things out. That’s one of the fun things about vampires – they get to witness so much history while just hanging around for centuries.

  5. He must be “very self-centered” and “utterly clueless” if he thinks he can send for her, period. She sounds too strong to stick with a wimp like him. Fun story.

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