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1000 Mirrors

Look in the mirror

You’re always standing before the mirror,
playfully falling in love once again,
as you glance at your own smug reflection,
feeling as though you’re a god among men.

Your words are just as hollow as your heart
and lies are nearly as thick as your head.
If your ego wasn’t such bitch to maintain,
you might have become a real man instead.

Rejected me the instant you saw me,
long before two words were ever spoken;
you’ve grown so accustomed to cheap plastic,
you think my fleshy body is broken.

You can stand before a thousand mirrors,
they merely skim the top layer of skin;
all showing different angles of you,
without touching the ugliness within.

The above poem is for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge. The writing challenge asks you to write a story or poem that is 33 – 333 in length and it must include the word bitch. They won’t just accept any usage for that word. It specifically must pertain to something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant. Now is not the time to stand around and bitch, people! There is a challenge to face.  Hop to it! For more information, visit the blog above.


35 thoughts on “1000 Mirrors

    • I’ve known far too many people like that myself. The worst thing about such people is that they are a bore. Sometimes I am naughty and will bring up topics that I know plastic people are unfamiliar with just for my own twisted amusement. You should see how they look at you when you talk about fishing or camping. It’s as if you just spoke of killing baby Jesus.

    • If I had one wish it would be for a better world, preferably with me having a villa in France somewhere but I digress… if I had two wishes, the second one would be that an ugly or beautiful heart would show upon a person’s features. The older I have gotten, the more I realize just how important an asset it is yet so many unsavory characters are able to fake it.

  1. Outward beauty is definitely only skin deep. Too bad more people don’t take the time to learn the value of inward beauty.

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