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Cake – Ten Word Story

I can’t serve this cake. I don’t think it’s edible…

The Cake Exploded!!

I tried making a cake with my kids to go with lunch today but unfortunately, something went awry. I’m not sure exactly what the culprit is but it didn’t rise. The texture is very weird because of this and the taste is off. I’ve left it out for now, because the kids are so proud of themselves but once they go to bed I am thinking the cake and the trash can shall be getting better acquainted. It’s a shame.

In ten words or less, can you come up with a story about cake? If so, lay it on me in the comments section! I always love hearing what you guys dream up. I have such clever readers.


17 thoughts on “Cake – Ten Word Story

    • I don’t bake much either. My kids’ dad is the baker in the family. He can make a NY Cheesecake from scratch that would send you to the moon and back. I only use my pitiful baking skills when it’s something from a box lol

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