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Apathy – Ten Word Story

You are having problems, huh? Too bad. I’m sleeping in.

I think this silly John Lajoie song sums up how I am feeling today quite nicely.

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and say to yourself: “I don’t want to answer my phone. I don’t want anyone texting me. I simply can’t handle drama and the seemingly endless supply of insanity that comes with it. I dread the idea of going out into the world to deal with random idiots. I certainly don’t feel up to calling offshore customer service hubs in some fruitless attempt to discuss billing issues. So I am just not going to do it. Everyone and everything can just bugger off”?

Today is my day. Unless the world is about the end, and hell, maybe even if it is (because what am *I* going to do be able to do about it?!) I just want to turn off my brain and ignore the world. Does that make me self-centered? Perhaps. Do I care at this moment? Not at all.

Do you have a story about a time you felt this way? Can you narrow it down to ten words? I want to hear it! Be sure to share it in the comments section.


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