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Arising from the Ashes

Terrified of awakening her husband, Jamie lay rigidly at the edge of the bed. She kept peering at the clock through her swollen eye. Tomorrow she would finally break free or die trying.

woman on bed

I wrote this little 33 word fiction for the Trifecta Writing Challenge. This weekend they are looking for 33 word stories or poems about a new beginning. Do you have what it takes to try the challenge?Β 


32 thoughts on “Arising from the Ashes

  1. Being abused physically, scars one emotionally forever -it always reminds me of Julia Roberts in “Sleeping with the enemy”-I shudder at the thought of such barbarism.The only way to combat is by getting out at the first sign of assault-like it that the protagonist here has decided to get out or die tying-determination & hope mixed:-)Loved the picture you have put up-shows the vulnerability of the battered one-great job:-)

  2. You’ve got. To. Win. Seriously. Its that good. What a powerful story you have here. This is freaking good. πŸ™‚

    • Aw, thank you! I’m glad you loved it. I didn’t think it came out half bad myself. I knew I wouldn’t win. I’ve found that alot of folks (outside of horror writing competitions I’ve entered) usually don’t have the same affection for morbid writings the way horror/dark fiction junkies do but no matter, I just do these for fun πŸ™‚

  3. This is definitely not something that I would expect to be written for new beginning, because of the sadness that runs freely through your words, but it fits the theme like a glove. It is a really powerful work. Alone, it would have stood proudly, but you added a picture as well, which gives it overall an artistic effect.

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