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Swearing – Ten Word Story

F*ck is a fun word. I enjoy using it liberally.

No Swearing sign

It’s so versatile and can add a bit of pop to a sentence. Honestly, I think the whole idea of there being certain words that are taboo and should remain unspoken is as absurd as the classicism that created the distinction in the first place. F*ck that, I say!

Do you like to swear or find it offensive? Are you are somewhere in between those two camps? Let me know what you think about potty mouths and taboo language in the comments section.  Can you keep it to ten words or less? I bet you can. On a side note, I decided to change up my blog theme. What do you guys think?


20 thoughts on “Swearing – Ten Word Story

  1. Fuck. as a writer, I hate the way people talk
    (10 words, my dear)
    I can’t remember what it was – was it black? Which I think it was, and I hate black blogs – hard on the eyes.
    This is soft, easy, nice.

  2. Well, I think that if there weren’t cuss words then words would be boring. We need something taboo and off limits to make our lives interesting and give us something to break. 🙂

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