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Mama’s Big Makeover

I always said Mama was rotten. Her sour face and gruff demeanor could chase anyone away. That’s when it dawned on me; she really was rotting on the inside.

Her heart was fermenting from years of neglect. I knew the decay had surely spread to her other organs as well. So, I did what any daughter with good intentions would. I fixed her up, real nice. I scraped out every last trace of tainted flesh and muscle. Then, I filled her gaping emptiness with sawdust, the way Daddy used to with squirrels and rabbits.

She’s much happier now. I know because she’s always smiling. She doesn’t talk much anymore, but I don’t mind. I just wish she’d change the channel now and then. I’m tired of watching PBS.

Mama's Parlor

I offer up this twisted tale for the weekly word challenge at: trifectawritingchallenge.com. This week’s word is intention and the usage they are looking for is what one wants to do or bring about. Also, accepted is the object for which a prayer or pious act is offered. All entries must be somewhere between 33 – 333 words in length.

Do you have a marvelous story in you just waiting to come out? Can you show a character’s intentions in 333 words or under? Then be sure to check out the website above and enter the challenge!


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