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Computer Woes – Ten Word Story

Sorry that I haven’t been around.
My computer committed suicide. 

Blue Screen of Death.

It’s true. A few days ago I was getting ready for bed and it decided to off itself. It left me a note of sorts (the blue screen of death) and I got the message loud and clear: Time to get a new machine!

Well, if I weren’t broke and currently jobless that’s what I would have done. Instead, I am forced to work on an ancient temperamental laptop that likes to reboot itself and freeze up whenever it feels like it. So, please forgive me if I am not around as much until I get this all sorted.

Do you have a woeful (or happy) tale about your computer that you can tell in 10 words or less? If so, let me hear it! Feel free to add it to your own blog and throw up a link back to here or drop it in the comments section.


11 thoughts on “Computer Woes – Ten Word Story

    • These clunky machines are too bulky to even be useful for that purpose. If I knew how to shoot, I swear I would take this out to the range and unload right into it. I had it all of one year and it’s a goner.

      Great story, btw 🙂

  1. sorry about your computer shitting the bed. I just had the same thing happen, blue screen of death. Thankfully my brother hooked me up with a mac for Christmas.

    first time visitor enjoyed checking out your blog

    • Thanks for stopping by. How are you liking the Mac? I haven’t touched one of those since I was sixteen! the blue screen of death was totally unexpected. I only had that computer for a short time and was shocked that it went so quickly. Apparently the power supply went bad and fried everything. Lucky me.

      • So far so good with the Mac of course everything is little different and will take me a bit to figure out but so far so good. I was already 2/3 of the way their with iphone and wife’s Ipad so learning curve not that bad. Nice not to hear my PC grinding away and having to restart every hour lol

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