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The Housewife

Her house may be immaculate
but her mind is a dreadful mess,
from the overflowing dustpan
of emotions she must suppress.

The linen is neatly folded
and then tucked quickly out of sight,
much like all the intruding thoughts
keeping her up every night.

The dreams she once cherished
are circling around the drain.
How often can one spill regret
before it becomes a vast stain?

No amount of ruthless scrubbing
can scour away all her fears.
Her future is slowly sinking
in a tub of dishwater tears.


9 thoughts on “The Housewife

    • I have not acquired that skill but when I used to work in an office setting I did notice that the folks that were really laid back tended to have cluttered desks. Perhaps that’s why I have a cluttered house.

      • I read people for a living anyway..so reading their house is an interesting extension lol not that I do it in a nosy intrusive way..it just happens, you get soaked in someones energy, its fascinating

  1. the beginning of a novel perhaps? a nice character to start from I think…perhaps you could keep it going in Ellen Hopkins style narrative?

    • I’m far too flighty these days for a novel. Got too many ideas swirling around in my head at the same time. I might be able to make use of her in one of my horror stories though. An OCD character will come in handy at some point, I am sure of it.

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