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Cats Rule – Ten Word Story


“Cats are pets?! Yeah right, slave. Go clean my box.”Β 

My cat and my mouse

We humans like to think we own them but it’s not hard to see who has the sweeter deal. When do I get to lounge around only to be adored and have people bring me my supper in a crystal dish? When will I be called adorable and given treats for allowing someone to put a hat or sunglasses on me long enough to snap my picture and shoot it up on facebook with a hysterical tagline?

With my scientific-like calculations, I am guessing such a phenomena could probably only occur sometime after the first Saturday of hell freezing over. That being said, I’d love to hear your ten word stories about kitties. Feel free to add them to the comments section or put them up on your own blog with a link. Love to see what purrfection my fellow writers can come up with this time.



15 thoughts on “Cats Rule – Ten Word Story

    • They really do get that kind of attitude with you sometimes as if offering them a treat or giving them catnip is an imposition on them. They are so very busy, after all. All that sleeping and eating and playing… there’s not enough hours in the day.

      Great ten word story πŸ˜‰

  1. “I know you’re in there. It’s time to feed me.”

    My cat is relentless about waking me up. If meowing doesn’t work, she’ll push her paws under the door and wave :D.

    • I had a cat with that issue. He resolved it by throwing dead mice into the air with his mouth and batting them when they fell. He was a weird one but inventive. I’ll give him that. Thanks for sharing your story πŸ™‚

    • Nice one! I once had a blob of a cat named Binky. Binky was so lazy that when our hamster got loose we found it crawling up the cat’s face and he was just laying there, taking it. The thing had it’s foot up his nostril for pete’s sake. I’ll go take a look at your six word stories πŸ™‚

      • I’m smiling as i read this. We’ve had 40 or so animals at a time – chickens, ducks, birds, dogs, cats, hamsters, a horse, rabbits,turtles, fish, and they all got along – amazing – the horse was “bomb proof” – my kids could do anything to him and he’d never get upset.

    • All the cats I have had over the years had different mottos. Most of them were feed me, pet me when I feel like it, share your bed/pillow/blanket with me, and you better take care of that present I left you in the litterbox.

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