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55 Word Stories

Mary’s mother let out a gasp as she noticed the battered remains of a priceless family heirloom by the young girl’s feet.

“I didn’t do it!” Mary wailed as her mother dragged her into the bedroom for a time out.

“Now, that’s entertainment!” The ghost chuckled. “Hmmmm, this hallway could really use some red crayon…”

Crayon LineupI first learned about 55 word stories a few years ago from a website called birdandmoon.com. I submitted a few of my stories there and quickly found myself hooked.

These stories offer the opportunity to delve into a topic a bit while keeping it ultra short. This length is fun and doesn’t require a whole lot of time or planning. It is also easier than a 10 word story to squeeze in a beginning, middle, and end. While my favorite length for a flash fiction will always be in the 100 – 200 range, I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys spinning a good flash fiction, gives this a whirl at least once.

Have you ever written a 55 word story? Would you care to try? Feel free to give it a go in the comments section or if you are feeling particularly brave, put it up on your own blog and link it back here. Happy writing!


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