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Hurt my baby, I’ll have your spleen on a pike.

Nothing sets humans off more than the idea of someone harming one of their loved ones. It’s ingrained in the psychology of social mammals like us to care for and protect our young. It extends way past just our offspring though. Many of us will champion for all loved ones, even when they are of a different species.

What do you feel protective over? How would you react to someone menacing your loved ones? Can you say it in a ten word story? If you can, include it in the comments. I want to see them all!


18 thoughts on “Protective

  1. I get protective over my sisters, my daughter, my lover, my face…..
    This takes me back to when I was a kid….”I can talk shit about my sisters/friends, but you aren’t allowed….I’ll rip your fucking face off”. Right? ; )
    Hope you’re well today.

    • I’m great! When I was younger I wasn’t very protective of others because I had been bullied to the point where I was terrified to speak up for anyone. Once I got my voice back, I was a force to be reckoned with when it came to people messing with my siblings or friends.

    • Darn skippy! I hate when people get in my personal space but it’s ten thousand times more irritating when they put their hands on you. I just want to rip them off and throw them as far as I can while screaming, “go fetch!”

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