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My Favorite Word With Awesome Most Hated Word Bonus Feature!

My favorite word is solipsism.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the strict philosophical position. If I were one of those I would not be writing this post as I already know what MY favorite word is. Come to think of it, I wonder if any hardcore solipsists would ever blog. After all, who needs to when you are a solitary community of one?

Ol' Solipsism

I simply think that all individuals tend to lean in the direction of overindulgence in their own sense of importance and their own feelings all too often. Plus, I really like the way it sounds.

Now onto the neat bonus round:
A word I dislike because of the possible implications said word? Ambiguious.

If used correctly it can make you sound semi-knowledgeable in subjects you have barely even skimmed. It can also keep those you are debating unable to get a clear understanding of your stance as you haven’t really said anything of substance to go on, at all. (Even after five painful pages worth of jargon.) Grrrrrr…. Ambiguous thou art thy mortal enemy!

Now, to tag a few talented writers into the ‘favorite and most hated word’ meme:
cookie5683, kristin nador, & viiviparma


11 thoughts on “My Favorite Word With Awesome Most Hated Word Bonus Feature!

  1. Reblogged this on cookie 5683's Blog and commented:
    Word I love?
    The first word that popped into my head is “Yummy”. I love how I can bend and twist this word to mean what I choose and then the meaning is not lost. Not many words are so free and open that they offer this type of flexibility. To say: You are yummy to the opposite sex can be sexual like flatting your tongue and slowly licking the ice cream as it melts from a sugar cone onto your hand or sweet and cuddly where you just want to run up and squeeze them because their so darn cute and adorable. They bring comfort like a warm soft lovey that you’ve packed away from your childhood only to accidentally come across while looking for the Christmas ornaments in the dark recesses of the attic.

    Word I hate…. (This one was harder for me hence why I took so long in writing this)

    “Stupid” is the word that offends me to my core. It’s not unusual to hear especially from the mouths of children. I personally don’t use curse words… Well I do but not when I’m angry or frustrated but that’s another post in itself… hehehe
    “Stupid” is used to injure, to inflict pain with the goal of lifting a lower self esteem. My esteem is not low so this word has no place in my verbal vocabulary. I would prefer to hear profanity by the truck loads because at least that shows creativity in the tongue lashing albeit not much.

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