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Expressionless Art

You create a jumbled heap
of depthless jargon
that you pretend
holds some
obscure meaning
by spilling
fractured statements
of fluently regurgitated
random thoughts
onto paper.
Stylized incoherent rambling
is the latest trend
eaten up by mimics
of literary genius.
Poetry’s evolved into
a literary freak show
comprised of
soulless globs
of brain fodder.
You’re a fraud
peddling snake oil
under the guise of art,
making buyers skeptical
of all our wares.
Wrap it in ribbons
of pseudo intellectualism
but shit still stinks
no matter how
you present it.


10 thoughts on “Expressionless Art

  1. This’ll flame the fires… just try reading John Ashberry, Pulitzer Prize for poetry and National Book Award for “Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror”

    Then tell me about obscure meaning.

    Liked your un-obscure, non-snake oil peddling poem, BTW.


  2. I completely agree with what you have said here! I like to read words that tell me something, I don’t mind very short poems and even stories as long as there is something for my brain to absorb or giggle at, either will do! And I think you are very good at that with your flash fiction on here, I feel like you’ve said something worth reading.

    I have read quite a lot really dire ones, where I end up feeling ‘is it me, have I got something missing in my brain that I can’t understand what that’s about!’ And of course it isn’t me – they’ve just written their piece in some kind of code only they can understand – and I do wonder if some strange people get a weird kick out of confusing other people, it somehow makes them feel more intelligent. I have met people who do this in conversation, and it is with purpose to make others feel inferior, (no-one dares to question what they mean in case they don’t understand the reply either!) so it’s very possible it’s for the same reason – it’s become a bad habit that spills into their writing too! This is just a Suzy-theory, you might disagree!?

    There is one thing for certain, like you said, ‘shit still stinks no matter how you present it.’ I like that, says it all!
    Suzy 😀

    • It’s not you. contemporary poetry is 99% crap. Call it ‘experimental’ or ‘cutting edge’ if you wish but it does not touch people in a profound way because no one can relate to it. It’s art that’s entirely for the sake of saying, “I made something completely different from anyone else! Behold my genius!”

      To me that’s crap: art without soul.

      I also know what you mean about people who talking using those fifty dollar college words in an attempt to sound more intellectual than others around them. They have no idea how pompous it makes them look. Perhaps they might want to invest a little time in listening to other people’s body language as they speak. They fool no one.

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