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Giving My Younger Self Advice

So, I was reading this post from a really interesting blog I follow called kristin nador writes anywhere and the following question was asked:

What message(s) would you send to your younger self from your future self if you could?

I’ve thought about it and since I didn’t want to leave a comment the size of a book, figured it would be more suitable as a blog post. If time travel were real this would be my letter to younger self:


I know you can tell by the writing it’s you but as you know you are lazy so I am not going to put a whole lot of effort into explaining ‘how’ this is all possible. It’s just going to have to be enough that it is possible. This is you from the future. In all seriousness, if you don’t pay attention to what I am writing here you will regret it.


First of all, never get involved with Chris. I know he’s been your friend since forever and you think he could be your soul mate. The guy has another side that you’ve never seen before. He’s a drug addict who prostitutes himself for money. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Oh, and not to mention that you won’t find out any of those things until after your ‘loving’ fiance moves out you while you are at work. You come home to your house and life in tatters. Keep away from him… far, far away.

Also, I know you have serious anger issues stemming from child abuse but as good as it feels to block out your terminally ill dad, you are going to feel horrible later once you realize that he spent the last couple years of his life trying to tell you he was sorry for all he’s done. Don’t rip up that card and return it to sender. Keep it. Years down the road you will wish you had it to look at from time to time. I’d know.

Lastly, stop being so hard on yourself. It’s okay that you don’t have the making of a super model. You can be happy regardless. It truly is not the end of the world if you can’t squeeze into a pair of size 2 jeans. Stop the cutting nonsense. There is no reason to punish yourself for not being perfect when perfection doesn’t even exist. Your expectations are totally unrealistic. Besides, being fat is not the same as being unlovable.

It would have taken you years of anguish to figure that one out on your own so I figured I’d try and speed up the process. Your welcome.

That’s all for now. I have to let you make a few mistakes on your own because if I don’t you might turn into a bumbling future me that lacks the capacity to wade through the bullcrap life throws at you. You are going to grow up to be one hell of a woman. Once again, I should know.


You (Duh)


6 thoughts on “Giving My Younger Self Advice

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and taking on the challenge. I really like your last paragraph. It’s so true. We need to go through some things. The fewer the better. Not like it’s fun or anything, but when we are victorious over our own demons (those are usually the worst crap we deal with) we build our intestinal fortitude, we build those inner spiritual muscles that help us take on what’s going to happen in the big, bad world. I know for me, my intuition and bullshit antennae have become very accurate, and I can avoid a lot of obstacles that in the past I just couldn’t see until I ran smack dab into them at 90 miles per hour. Thus my flat forehead. 🙂
    Thanks for being honest with us and mostly with yourself. Beautiful piece.

    • “I know for me, my intuition and bullshit antennae have become very accurate, and I can avoid a lot of obstacles that in the past I just couldn’t see until I ran smack dab into them at 90 miles per hour.” It’s unfortunate but there really is no other way of building up a natural BS detector and in this day and age, it is *very* necessary. The perpetually naive get eaten alive.

  2. That’s a very interesting question. If I could send my younger self any messages at all, I’d probably send her a good slap and tell her to wake up and look behind, in front, and to both sides before making any life-changing decisions lol.

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