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Love Sucks

His unwavering cruelty twisted her adoration into loathing; Fuck love.

My Love

Love gone wrong can leave an impression on us that lasts a lifetime. Can you think of a story about lost love or a lover scorned in ten words or less? If so, you know what to do. Put it in the comments section where it belongs.



15 thoughts on “Love Sucks

      • Something like that. Considering it was just one date, I’m not sure why “Hey, we just didn’t click,” wasn’t in her vocabulary. Perhaps she had bad experiences being honest with men.

      • I’ve found that passive-aggressive people often have trouble being honest when it comes to situations that make them uncomfortable. They are afraid of looking bad in the eyes of others. They’ll always make some sort of lame excuse why they can’t do something rather than come out and say they simply don’t want to.

  1. When passion turns to caring then mild interest: silver anniversary

    She bit him hard, but he barely bit back; unappetizing

    She left him at lunch; he ate someone else, tastelessly

    Thanks for the spurned inspiration.


  2. Love…Betrayal by him…Betrayal by her…Peace offering by her…Friendship by him…Love
    NOW LET IT BE!!!
    She offered apple…he left her with apple…she ate the apple…she’s pretty full now! LOL!

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