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She sleepily reached for him only to find a pillow.

bed and pillow

I remember my grandmother telling me that this happened to her all the time after her husband of fifty years passed away. I don’t think she ever got over losing him.
Do you have a ten word story forming in in your mind about a widow? Then don’t be shy, add it!

14 thoughts on “Widow

  1. Reblogged this on cookie 5683's Blog and commented:
    Add “I’m ok.” The disingenuous breath evenly escapes her lips
    This is a story that speaks my loss.
    Ten word Stories and other fun with fiction offered a prompt I was compelled to reblog. Simplicity is not always found in fewer words.

    • They were soulmates. I don’t *really* believe in that stuff much but they still acted like two lovesick teenage kids after all those years. What they had was precious and rare. I can’t imagine living through such a loss.

  2. I stopped by to thank you for you “Like” on my blog, Walking the Cat and I just had to offer a slightly different take on the scene you’ve painted. . .He lay there, snoring gently, in her memory.
    Sometimes, it’s the small, private things we remember that hurt the most.

    • ‘Sometimes, it’s the small, private things we remember that hurt the most.” I agree. It’s the small things we miss and it makes it extra bitter how quickly the memory forgets so many little details that we want to keep etched in our minds for eternity.

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